30 Aug 2014

Motivational Quote by Vivekananda

Love is life and hatred is death 

If the world is to be taught only one religion, then it is `fearlessness 

Art is an expression of beauty. Everything should be full of art 

 India's national unity lies in uniting separated spiritual powers. National unity in India means uniting all those hearts, by just its twinkling, to create only one spiritual harmony 

 The person whose character remains great always and in all conditions, only he is great in reality 

 We should not support our weakness by lowering our ideals 

 Where there is real love, there cannot be worldly attraction at all 

Truth, purity and unselfishness - wherever these are present, there is no power below or above

 Give up weakness and slavery 

Whatever you are doing, consider it as your devotion till you finish it 

 Concentrating on any particular subject is called meditation 

We need such a heart that is serious like sea and generous like sky 

 Unity is strength and its secret is obedience 

 As rose spreads fragrance by its nature, you also donate the same way 

 Go from village to village; do good to humanity and to the world at large 

Jump into the field of your actions with a strong belief in your heart that you are the messenger of God, with the only motive of fulfilling His aims 

Develop your internal powers with your hard work 

 If there is a difference of opinion between heart and head, then follow the heart 

 An uncontrolled guilty knows the mistake committed by him against his own wish 

 In Kalyug, donation is the only religion 

 Education is the manifestation of the perfection already present in man 

 Man is as much selfish, as he is immoral 

 Loving anyone except the soul, results in woes and unhappiness 

 Great deeds are completed with great giving up 

 Light cannot but remain without eliminating the darkness. Truth will definitely reveal its brighter side 

 To be sacred and to do good unto others is the essence of all the perseverance 

 If the poor are unable to go up to the education, then education has to go to them at their farms, factories and all the other places 

 We need coordination of heart and brain 

 We should aim for the welfare of the people and not boast about ourselves 

Be generous. Take note, the only symbol of life is speed and progress         


 In whatever position man is right now, he should be given help for going ahead 

Unless you really experience the matter yourself, do not trust it 

 Arise, awake and give helping hand for the defense of spirituality of the world 

If you need other's help, you have to give up your ego 

 Unity and understanding is the secret of the success of people in Western countries 

 Ignorance, divisions and lust - these three are the reasons of unhappiness of mankind 

One does not need any other book, whose book of heart has opened up 

 The greatest men are peaceful, little speaking and unknown 

 The aim of all education is to make man happy 

 We need speed in blood and strength in muscles. We want iron arms and steel muscles and not the futile thoughts, which bring weakness.


 Weakness is death 

We want a highly intellectual, brave and bright youth who is ready to embrace death and have the daring to cross the sea 

 Strength is life and weakness is death. Strength is the ultimate joy, eternal and immortal. Weakness is the eternal form of concept, like woes 

 Till the lakhs of people are hungry and ignorant, I consider every person an ingrate who got educated on that strength and is not caring for them 

 By thinking even little for others, our heart gets the strength of a lion 

Those men and other creatures, whom we see surrounding us, are our Gods 

We wish that there are less talks and more appropriate works 

 India's national ideals are giving up and service 

 There is no alternative to progress without imparting education to masses and women 

 Jealousy is the blotch to our obedient national character 

Complete ocean is hidden in every drop 

 If you separate religion from human life, then what will remain ? Nothing. Only a group of animals 

 It is better to be frank, at least, than being a hypocrite 

Our first duty is not to hate ourselves. 

 We can only get peace in India by doing spiritual work 

 We have to keep our thoughts so clear that constructive life and building up of our character is made possible and we can be human beings 

 We do not have an alternative but to work with a religious background 

Nature by itself is a book which a soul reads 

 Love is always an expression of joy. Even a bit of shadow of misery on it is the sign of physical attraction and selfishness 

 You ran towards those futile Gods, but why should we not pray to God, the great presence of whom we see everywhere ? When we pray to Him, then only will we deserve to pray to other Gods 

Always keeping oneself happy and joyous will bring you closer to God, even closer than any prayer 

 Study human beings, they are the poetry of life 

 Those who want to serve God, first should serve His children all the living beings in this world 

When desire stays as desire, at that time one is a Buddha 

 The whole world is enamoured by lust and drinking alcohol 

 We have to become fearless `now', only then we will be able to achieve our goal for work 

 Do not forget that your women's ideals are Sita, Savitri, and Damyanti 

 This country is the motherland of philosophy, religion, code of conduct, sweetness, tenderness and love 

 When death is so certain, it is better to die for a good cause 

 Always look inside, never on externalizes 

 Concentrate on that sacred thing which you like 

Start doing work, then you will find rising of tremendous strength in yourself that you will find difficult to contain 

Serving all living beings is the real prayer to God 

 Everyone has different paths of perseverance 

 Boldness, bravery and satisfaction of soul lie in giving up and not in dominance 

 Every creature is the highest temple of God 

 The life of each great man itself speaks of his preaching 
 Man can fulfill any desire if he follows truth in mind, speech and action for twelve years 

 The world is created on the strength of man, strength of enthusiasm, strength of truth 

 Friendship is not possible without its spirit 

We want to reach not from untruth to truth, but from truth to higher truth 

 Every work done with love, always gives joy 

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