31 Aug 2014

Motivational tips by Vivekananda part 2

Purity, patience and perseverance are the three essentials to success and above all love 

You have to grow from inside out. No one can teach you, no one can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul 

 Educate masses and elevate them, only then this country can stand in reality as a nation 
Be brave, brimming with confidence, and after that everything else will follow 

If you die of hunger while giving to others, then you will become free within a moment 
The main aim of religion is to make man happy 

Escaping from the field of work is not the path to peace 

History of the world is created by a few dozen human beings 

This world is a great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong 

I impart knowledge of only those things of which I have experienced myself and found out its truth 
You will always see in the history of every nation that only those who had self-confidence could become great and powerful 

We need three things, heart to experience, mind for imagination and hands to work 

Sacredness, strong will power and hard work I want all the three virtues together 

Thought is very important, because what we think, we become the same 

It is only religious knowledge, which can eliminate our woes forever.......(Pardeep) 

Spiritual waves have arisen frequently keeping India as its centre 

Neither try to achieve something nor to give up, be satisfied with whatever comes your way 

Do not argue on religion 

Behind an atom, there is the strength of the entire universe 

By doing even little for others, our internal strength increases 

The world is bound by waves and its recession. There is no wave, which is not accompanied by recession 

Arise, awake and stop not till your goal is achieved. 

Fear is the main reason of all the woes in the world. It is the greatest blind faith. This fear is the reason of our difficulties. 

Every living being is a planet and all those planets are floating in an endless, clear sky of Almighty 

Every deed is sacred and sincerity towards work is the best form of prayer to God 

All the religions are different expressions of one and only truth 

You cannot go beyond the complete oneness, which is the goal of perfect knowledge 

Give up your rest, your happiness, your name, fame and designation, not only that, but your life also 

Those who lack self-confidence are atheists 

Whatever nature collects from us - education, intellect, money, people, strength and records - are for disbursing later on 

What we lack one thing in India, that is understanding and power of unity and the principal way to gain it, is obedience 

It may be tomorrow, day after tomorrow or even after many eras, but truth always wins 

Give up everything, even give up the thought of your freedom and help others 

Progress and beneficence with balanced mind is the ideal of `my' stated religion 

Knowledge itself is the present. Man can only manifest it 

The meaning of the religion is - binding truth in the deepest place of heart 

Love, which is completely selfless, is real one and that is love for God 

Freedom means complete independence 

India's present need is power of bravery 

Complete human knowledge is only a tiny part of religion 

Give up jealousy and egotism. Unite and work for others. This is the greatest need of our nation 

Self-discipline means expression of the element of God which is inherent in man 

The element of God, latent in man gets its expression at the emergence of proper combination and right time 

All the religions are blind-faith, sans Vedanta. With it, everything becomes religion 

Religion is the external relationship between external soul and external God and it is to raise man to God 

Work done with selfishness is the work of a slave. 

Tell that land of India is my paradise. My welfare lies in India's welfare 

 Your progress will be from within your inner being only 

Spread education based on national traditions and national principles 

 We need morality, such solidness of mind and strength of character, which can make man strong for his lifetime. 

The secret of life is not enjoying, but to gain knowledge through experience 
The symbol of life is expansion 

India's uniqueness is its religion 

Our first and principal need is building of good character 

 Real education is only possible by always keeping in touch with nature 

 An uncontrolled and trackless mind will always pull us down, day by day 

 Modern physical science has reached only those conclusions, which Vedanta had reached ages before 

 First let us be sacred and help others to become sacred. `Be and make others to be' is our slogan 

Woes and enmity will continue to be there, till, man brings a change in his character 

Educate people so that they are able to solve their own problems themselves 

 Man may obtain many kinds of truths, his every truth is nothing but realizing God 

 Doing welfare of the people is not the only test of truth 

 Decision of truth can be taken only by truth and not by anything else 

 Open the treasure of truth for the people, they will select whatever is useful to them from it 

We should create a great ideal and shape our life accordingly 

 Behind you, there is a never ending ocean of peace and joy 

 In my view, this world is nothing but a game 

 They are great who prepare other's path with blood from their heart 

For next fifty years, my dear motherland Bharatmata shall become my Goddess 

If you are unable to help someone, atleast do not harm him 

 One who cries for poor is a great soul, otherwise he is an evil one 

 Only aim of existence of India is the spiritualization of mankind 

 Two things control man's character : Strength and Pity 

 Any work, done with real love, always gives peace and joy. 

Worldly happiness is conversion of worldly woes only 

Great music of the world especially contains three concepts - harmony, strength and independence 

 Benevolence is life, non-benevolence is death 

 It is only faith which makes one man great and another weak and pygmy 

India will rise again, but not with the strength of physical matters, but with the strength of soul 

 Hands are made only to continue giving for ever 

Ignorance is death and only knowledge is life 

 If the feelings at India's heart are hurt, a spring of spiritualism will burst out soon from there 

 We have to do our deeds, results would come of its own 

 Build a bridge of souls on which crores of men and women can cross the sea of worldly matters 

 We have to carry the burden of our community's religious and worldly education 

 Religion is the highest level of man's thinking and life. 

 The highest ideal of our character is Charity.

Work in this world in such a way considering yourself as a foreign traveller 

Sympathetic action is the best, but serving all the living beings with concept of welfare of all, is better than that 

Every man believes only those things to be true, which prove helpful in achieving his goal 

He who has no faith in himself can never have faith in God.


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