26 Dec 2014

We can learn a lot with PK and OMG type of movies.

Sometime it may be difficult for us to understand the nature law.


I guess, Some of you know about “OSHO”. 

Osho believes in making you free enough to question everything around you. Once you get the answer, you’ll have real foundation of your belief otherwise your belief will always be a blind one. 

Top 3 things we can learn from PK and OMG movie. 


1. To love someone, is to let go your love: It’s not always about clinging on to your soul mate; sometimes letting go makes you a bigger person. After all, love is never about being loved back or owning the one you love, it’s about realising what makes them happy, even if it means to let them go.

2.      Believe in yourself and not God-men: Trust yourself and not someone who is a self-acclaimed manager of the Almighty, trust your thinking and act accordingly. Doubt what you see, read and hear. Question what’s in front of you and don’t just stand blinded, accepting everything that’s handed to you.

3.      Not everything we are taught is right: Apply your logic and brains and behave rationally not just because your religion says so, but because your mind says so. Listen to yourself before you agree with something you aren’t fully aware about. Your mind holds the power, so give yourself a chance to be enlightened.

( For some of us who are not happy with this kind of awesome movie,  Let us admit the fact that We talk about bringing positive change but we always wait for a magic to change things around us. Let's be the change we want to see. )


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