12 Dec 2014

 Indian student world needs your support and blessings.

There are 3 rules if you wanna succeed as an entrepreneur.
Ask yourself following 3 questions.
1.  Are you passionate about your idea.
for reference. Pandora business plan was rejected by 300 investors before it was launched. and Now its amazingly successful.
2. Do you get demotivated by your friends, family, surrounding, your current work, life status.
If you get demotivated, you have some doubt about your idea of startup. So freshen up your mind. Remember Motivation comes from within. The day when you'll realize the importance of self-motivation, You will no longer care what other thinks of you. It would be a fun when other would be willing to discourage you. So chill.  See the below image.

3. They say people are assets but the fact is that Only good People are assets rest are liabilities. So do you have big Friend circle, Good social connections. If yes Utilize it.

Be smart, Have faith in yourself and in God as well. and Hold on god will take care of you if your intentions are good.

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Indian Student World Needs your support.

Indian Student World Needs your support.
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