6 Jan 2015

Are you stubborn enough to be a winner?

>> Many of our best opportunities were created out of necessity.

>>  Students learn more by watching than they do by listening.

>> You do not get rich at work. You get rich by doing your homework.

>> You know your financial intelligence is increasing if as you get older your money is buying you more freedom, happiness, health and choices in life.

>> If you are not happy while getting rich, chances are you will not be happy when you do get rich. So whether you are rich or poor, make sure you are happy.

>> If you are afraid of making mistakes, you will not want to do anything.

>> We learn by making mistakes, yet in our school system we punish people for making too many of them.

>> He knew if children studied what they were interested in, they would find their geniuses and succeed.

>> Conflicts between parent and child begin when the child’s winning formula for success is not the same as the parents’.

>> The trick of parenting is to find ways to make a child want to learn rather than forcing the child to learn.

>> I needed to study subjects not taught in school.

>> One thing I suggest parents do is begin to encourage their child to find a way to retire by thirty.

>> Money is a teaching tool.

>> The more people you serve the richer you become.

>> If you do not make the time to learn to be a better investor now, you will be saying the same things tomorrow as you are today. You’ll still be saying ‘I didn’t have time to learn more and do more research.’ Because of your impatience, your laziness, and your lame excuses about not having enough time, you will do the same thing you just did, which is to hand your money over to total strangers and have no ideas what they are doing with your money.

>> Don’t focus on the money. Focus on learning to be a better investor.

>> Rich dad always surrounded himself with smart people from different professions and listened more than he talked.

>> Time waits for no one. The same is true for opportunities.

>> The best part of playing the game of money, regardless of whether I was winning or losing, is that I got better at the game.

>> My poor dad was crushed by the new economy. He choose financial security rather than financial freedom – and in the end, he had neither.

>> Rich people have money. Wealthy people have time.

>> If you want to change your life, begin by changing your words, and the best news of all is that words are free.

>> The concept ‘Live below your means’ keeps many people financially poor, emotionally empty, and spiritually neutral.

>> rich dad reminded me constantly to push the boundaries of my life. Even when I was short on money, I still drove a nice car and lived in a beachfront condo. Rich dad’s advice was never to think, look or act like a poor person. He constantly reminded me that ‘the world treats you as you treat yourself.’

>> When you don’t have money, think and use your head. Never give in to the poor person inside of you.

>> Why live below your means when an abundant and full life is within your reach.

>> In the world of money the rich are sellers and the poor and middle class are buyers.

>> The road to success is always under construction.

>> Legal advice that prevents you from getting into trouble with the law is always less expensive than legal advice once you are in trouble

>> The rich will spot the opportunities, while the poor will hide their heads and pretend it isn’t happening.

>> Everyone has money problems. If you want to make yourself rich, solve problems. Identifying a problem creates the opportunity for creating a solution.

>> Are you stubborn enough to be a winner?

>> The government wants us to create jobs… not look for a job. Our economy would collapse if everyone started looking for a job. For our economy to grow, we need people to create jobs.

>> It is easier to be healthy if you are happy. It is easier to be wealthy if you are happy. And it is easier to be happy if you are in love with what you are doing.

>> To be a true entrepreneur, you need to be smart and love to learn. If you do not love learning, chances are your business will not grow… because you are not growing. Whenever I find a business that is declining or stagnant, it is often because the owner is declining or stagnant.

>> Focus, focus, focus. All people who have achieved greatness have been very focused people.

>> To turn coal into a diamond requires heat and pressure.

>> There are many poor people with lots of money.

>> You will not become rich until you teach others to be rich.

>> The more I teach, the more I learn. The more I learn, the better teacher I become.

>> Passion is essential for success.

>> I don’t know a successful person alive who didn’t also fail a lot at the beginning. The fear of failure is always lurking in the background of the mind, waiting to sabotage one’s success. If you pretend it’s not there, you can’t deal with it. Acknowledge it. Then move forward and do your best.

>> My rich dad was a rich man because he did not work hard for money. Instead he worked hard at having his money work hard for him. The harder his money worked, the more money he made, and the more free time he had. The more free time he had, the more money he made.

>> I get richer by failing. I found out that people who do not fail also do not succeed.

>> I start new businesses even if I succeed. That is why I have so many businesses, business that run without me. That is my secret to great wealth. Most employees have one job. As an entrepreneur, I have multiple businesses.

>> The most successful businesses usually do one of two things a) Solve a problem or b) Fill a need.

>> In my reality a winner also knows when to quit. Sometimes in life, it is best to cut your losses. It is best to admit you have come to a dead end or to admit you have been barking up the wrong tree.

>> a quitter is someone who quits simply because things have gotten tough.

>> There is no such thing as a safe investment. There are only smart investors.

>> Entrepreneurs turn problems into profits.

>> ‘A’ students work for the ‘C’ students, and ‘B’ students work for the government.

>> The poor and the middle class work for money. The rich have money work for them.

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